Vol 38, No 1 (2022)

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Mortality risk prediction models: Methods of assessing discrimination and calibration and what they mean PDF
L J Solomon 2


Prediction of in-hospital mortality: An adaptive severity- of-illness score for a tertiary ICU in South Africa PDF
S Pazi, G Sharp, E van der Merwe 4
A randomised controlled trial of intracuff lidocaine and alkalised lidocaine for sedation and analgesia requirements in mechanically ventilated patients PDF
V K Saingur, S Naaz, E Ozair, A Asghar 10
The impact of the Fundamental Critical Course on knowledge acquisition in Rwanda PDF
D Hopkinson, K Akuamoah-Boateng, P Banguti, J P Mvukiyehe, C Zerfoss, T Eng, E Tuyishime, K Hertel, D Starling, A Bethea, B Moses, A Syed 14
A comparison of the content taught in critical care transportation modules across South African bachelor’s degrees in emergency medical care PDF
N J Conradie, C Vincent-Lambert, W Stassen 20
Risk factors and outcomes of extubation failure in a South African tertiary paediatric intensive care unit PDF
M-C F Kilba, S Salie, B M Morrow 26
The impact of government- and institution-implemented COVID-19 control measures on tertiary- and regional- level intensive care units in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
K Rangai, A Ramkillawan, M T D Smith 33
Professional quality of life of nurses in critical care units: Influence of demographic characteristics PDF
E Ndlovu, C Filmalter, J Jordaan, T Heyns 39
Pharmacological management of post-traumatic seizures in a South African paediatric intensive care unit PDF
N Yachad, K D Naidoo 44