Vol 37, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


Contents page PDF


Human poisoning in South Africa – the knowledge gap PDF
Cindy Stephen 4-5
Diagnosis of death guidelines for South Africa – timely and necessary PDF
Timothy Craig Hardcastle 6-7
Congenital heart disease in Africa threatens Sustainable Development Goals PDF
Beyra Rossouw 8-9


Acute poisonings presenting to King Edward VIII hospital intensive care unit in Durban, South Africa PDF
R Goga, K de Vasconcellos, D Singh 10-15
Stress ulcer prophylaxis use in critical care units at public hospitals in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
N Biyase, H Perrie, J Scribante, M Muteba, S Chetty 16-20
Renal replacement therapy in intensive care units in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
DL Skinner, K de Vasconcellos, R Wise, Theroshnie Kisten, M Faurie, T Hardcastle, David JJ Muckart 21-26
Identifying ICU admission decision patterns in a ‘20-questions game’ approach using network analysis PDF
Pragasan Dean Gopalan, Santosh Pershad 27-36

Short Report

Delayed presentation of transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum in an 8-week-old male infant at University College Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria PDF
AA Labaeka 37-39